CNC bar bending machine for sale

CNC bar bending machine is also called fully-automatic bar bending machine. We could use it to process steel bars into any bending angle accurately. The bending angle is normally 0 to 180 degree. In fact, 90° and 135° steel bars are more to be used in construction.CNC bar bending machine is able to bend round steel bar, deformed steel bar, TMT bars with diameters 4mm to 60mm. These processed steel bars are widely used in construction.

Application of CNC rebar bending machine

  • CNC angle bar bending machine is used in high rise building.
  • CNC bending machine is applied to tunnel and bridge projects.
  • It is used to highway and railway construction.
  • It is used for steel bar processing factory.

Featured CNC bar bending machine for sale

GW50E CNC bar bending machinery for sale

GW50E Numerical control bar bending machine for sale
GW50E Numerical control bar bending machine for sale

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Round steel bar diameter: (φ6-φ50)mm
HRB335 ribbed steel diameter: (φ6-φ42)mm
Diameter of working disc: φ380mm
Speed of working disc: 5-10r/min
Motor power: 4kw
Overall size: 1000×900×850mm
Gross weight: 420kg

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GW50E Fully automatic CNC bar bending machines for sale

GW50E Fully automatic CNC bending machine for sale
GW50E Fully automatic CNC bending machine for sale

Round steel bar diameter: (φ6-φ50)mm
HRB335 ribbed steel diameter: (φ6-φ42)mm
Diameter of working disc: φ380mm
Speed of working disc: 5-10r/min
Motor power: 4kw
Overall size: 1000×900×850mm
Gross weight: 420kg

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Differences of our CNC bending machine

Our CNC bar bending machine adopts CNC system. This means it is Computerized Numerical Control, which is more convenient and flexible than other bar bending machines. The CNC rebar bending machine has a PLC (Programmable Logic Controller). We could preset several bending angles and input PLC. This makes the bending forms more precise than other bending machines. Our bending machines have an alarm function. It would raise the alarm for the wrong operation, which is much safer and more accurate.

CNC bending machine manufacturers

There is a lot of CNC bar bending equipment manufacturers in China. However, many of them are unable to offer clients high-quality CNC bending machines. Based on its outstanding technician team and keen insight, our Ellsen Machinery factory totally has the ability to produce bending machines with excellent quality.

Advantages of Ellsen CNC bending machine

  • Ellsen CNC bending machine adopts superior copper motor. It promises a stable performance.
  • Every door on the body could be opened for accessory maintenance.
  • We adopt the newest techniques to produce each CNC rod bender.
  • Our CNC bending machines have super thick bending disc. It is solid and abrasion resistance.
  • Every CNC bending machine produced by our factory has a closed electric cabinet. This is very safe.
  • The worm gear and worm drive are of high quality. It reduces friction.
  • All our CNC benders have a foot pedal. It is easy for a user to operate a CNC bender machine.
  • All the above key points guarantee our CNC rod bender for sale a long service life.

Features of our CNC bar bending machines

  •  Adopt CNC system
  • Simple and compact structure
  • Easy operation
  • Low power consumption
  • Low noise
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Cost-effective
  • Beautiful layout
  • Easy to maintain

Why choosing Ellsen CNC bender for steel bar

First of all, Ellsen factory occupies an area of 20,000 square meters. It has more than 80 sets of production equipment and 300 staffs. All these create a very good production environment for CNC bender for sale.

Secondly, Ellsen has a very excellent cooperative shipping agent. This shipping agent could delivery a CNC bender machine for steel bar to ports all over the world. It promises no any delay.

Thirdly, each Ellsen CNC bend machinery for steel bar would have one year warranty for all accessories. We send several sets of wearing parts to clients for free.

Fourthly, Ellsen factory offers a very good after-sales service for all CNC benders for sale.

Fifthly, our CNC bar bending machine price is most fair in the market and the quality is credible.

Lastly, we have an excellent after-sales service department to help clients solve any problems of CNC benders.

Cautions when using CNC automatic bar bending machine

Just to be on the safe side, you’d better wear safety gloves when operating a CNC automatic bar bending machine. In addition, keep your hand away from the bending rollers when the automatic bar bending machine is working. While you find there has any crack on the bending molds, please don’t use it anymore and change a new one instead. Moreover, stop the CNC bar bending machine immediately if you hear any abnormal sound, or it will damage the bending machine for steel bar. Please turn off the power supply of the bar bending machine when not in use. Otherwise, it may cause an electric shock.

Regular maintenance for CNC rebar benders

As we know, anything has its life span. The CNC rebar is no exception. But we could extend the using life by maintaining CNC bar bending machines regularly. Our steel bar bending machine has a good lubrication system. You just need to lubricate it once per month. Please check the degree of tightness of screws and transmission belts often. Besides, lubricate the gears and gear shaft at the same time. You should clean the bending molds of CNC rebar benders and grease it. Put the rebar bending machine in dry place and clean the working table when not using it.

Payment terms of our CNC steel bar bending machines

When you make an order about CNC steel bar bending machines, you can pay us by L/C (Letter of Credit), T/T (Telegraphic Transfer), Western Union, D/P(Document against Payment), D/A, O/A etc. Besides, you could pay us 30% deposit first, then pay us 70% balance after purchased CNC steel bar benders are ready to send.

Package and transportation of CNC bending machine of reinforcing bar

We pack the CNC bending machine of reinforcing bar by using high hardness cartons, the wooden case as well as the iron frame in case of damage. Generally speaking, we could send CNC bar bending machines to clients from all over the world. When the CNC rebar bending machines reach destination port, clients themselves can pick up them at local Customs. We also provide clients with door-to-door service, it will help you save time and money. We would send cargo to appointed warehouse if the clients have their own shipping agents.

After-sales service of CNC bar bending machine for sale

  • Each CNC bar bending machine for sale has one year warranty.
  • Free wearing parts are sent to our clients.
  • You could learn how to operate a bar bending machine for free in our factory.
  • Experienced engineers are ready to maintain and install a bending machine for clients.
  • We provide clients at home and abroad with free maintenance service.

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