CNC Vertical Double Bender

CNC vertical double bender is a special equipment for rebar bending, especially suitable for the bending processing of the main skeleton steel bars in concrete structures such as high-rise buildings, highways, high-speed railways, and large bridges. It can process high-strength rebar with a diameter of 32mm. This equipment has the characteristics of simple operation, convenient maintenance, and high efficiency.

CNC Vertical Double Bender for Sale

G2L32A CNC Vertical Double Bender

G2L32A CNC Vertical Double Bender for Sale
G2L32A CNC Vertical Double Bender

Rebar size: (φ6-φ28)mm
Main motor Max move speed: 0.6m/s
Bending speed: 60°/s
Bending length accuracy: ±1
Minimum bending axis spacing: 490mm
Min size of bending: 90mm
Machine power: 15kw
Machine total size: 13.5*2.15*1.6m
Total weight: 6t

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Functions of CNC Vertical Double Bender

The machine has the function of bidirectional bending at the same time in one working cycle. The two bending hosts can work at the same time, and the steel bar only needs to be compacted once, which greatly improves the production efficiency and reduces the labor intensity of workers. The curved panel is heat-treated, with high wear resistance and long service life. The machine is widely used to bend rebar for building construction, bridge construction, high-speed rail, highway, airport construction, etc.

Features of CNC Vertical Rebar Double Bender

  • Simultaneous bending of rebar in both directions, high efficiency

The equipment has two independent bending centers, which can simultaneously or independently bend various shapes of stirrups, and multiple steel bars can be formed at one time, thus the production efficiency can be greatly improved.

  • High positioning accuracy

The bending head is driven by a servo motor, which has fast response speed and high positioning accuracy. The bending length of the steel bar is digitally controlled.

  • Large bending force, accurate bending angle

The structure of the main unit is reasonable, the bending angle is highly accurate. The equipment can achieve 0-180 degree bending of the steel bar.

  • High-strength curved platform guide rail

The curved platform guide rail adopts high-strength moving guide, which is durable and difficult to deform.

  • Wide processing range to meet your various needs

The bending head of the machine has a compact structure and a wide range of processing steel bars.

  • Continuous production

The machine is equipped with a high-strength automatic storage rack, which can automatically move the steel bar materials, thus reducing labor costs, and achieving continuous production.

  • Fast material moving and bending speed

The speed of moving materials is 0.6 meters per second, the bending speed is 60 degrees per second, the bending force is large, and the productivity of steel bar processing is high.

  • Humanized design, convenient operation

After selecting the rebar diameter, the machine will automatically select the grinding tool and bending working angle to calculate the elongation of the rebar.

CNC Vertical Rebar Double Bender Machine

CNC Vertical Rebar Bender Price

Automatic Vertical Rebar Double Bender

What Should You Pay Attention to When Using CNC Vertical Double Bender

  1. Before using the automatic vertical rebar double bender, the entire machine must be inspected and tested with empty machine operation.
  2. The body of the steel bending machine must be grounded. The power supply is not allowed to be directly connected to the button, and a switch box should be installed separately.
  3. The placement of the reinforcing steel must match the direction of rotation of the forming shaft and the work plate, and cannot be reversed.
  4. The center shaft and the forming shaft cannot be replaced while the machine is working.
  5. It is not allowed to process steel bars that exceed the machine specifications and do not meet the machine’s specified diameter and speed.
  6. The processed semi-finished products must be stacked neatly, and the bent hooks cannot face up.

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